Darren Roberts

Darren - Guitar & Backing Vocals

As a stylish guitar player & vocalist, Darren 'Daz' Roberts has enjoyed a varied and fruitful musical career. His influences range right across the musical spectrum, with countless hours spent 'shredding' in his bedroom, taking huge inspiration from Ozzy Oabourne's protégé, the late, great Randy Rhoads, to the more jazz leanings of Wes Montgomery & Eric Johnson.

Dreaming of greater things, 'Daz' knew that he had to move away from the small village of Little Broughton in West Cumbria, to increase his chances in the competitive music business. Moving to Manchester in 1986, he soon hooked up with pro band "V8 Pilots", then subsequently went on to tour Europe in the late 80s with "Paisley Park". Darren also found his niche as a gifted and highly recognised guitar teacher in the city, with one of his most notable students being Jason Orange of "Take That".

Missing the life of being out on tour with a recognised outfit, Darren joined local band "Itchy Feet", where he met Pete and quickly started touring and performing extensively across the UK.

Looking for a change of direction in 1996, Darren responded to an advertisement for a guitar position in the Manchester Evening News. Following a successful audition, his vocal skills and stylish work quickly added a new dimension to the distinct sound generated by "Stax of Soul" rhythm section.

Once Stax decided to call it a day, Daz, Don and Stu decided they wanted to keep playing soul music to keep the torch burning, for the many soul fans out there. Pete was quickly offered the bass position, rehearsals commenced, and the sound created brought a huge grin to all involved in that first rehearsal. It just felt right. Which brings us right up to date.

SoulAmigos are now ready to set sail on a new and exciting future, and are looking forward to seeing you all out there at the gigs. The burning question is: are you ready for SoulAmigos?!!!

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Sun 15th January
The Raven
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